Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Windows XP Mode

Today I installed Windows XP Mode. All it takes is having Windows 7 and going here. If you can read, you'll have no problems getting through the installation process. It's no different from any other installation and I bet you've done a lot of that.

Initially, I did this hoping I'd be able to install TI's NoteFolio Creator, to cut down on the time I spend making cheat sheets for my calc, but the same problem I found, when I tried to install it under Windows 7, arised (look at me, thinking I know what I'm talking about). I needed .NET Framework 1.1. or higher. So I googled what to do and this came up. Pretty damned helpful.

Now, I'm wondering if I should keep XP Mode. Know any cool tips or uses for running XP Mode? Share them in the comments, please. Thank you.

(this whole post, it's like I'm implying I'm gonna have readers. lol)


  1. Get a mac! ;) thanks for the enthusiasm of your comment dude!

  2. Windows 7 works for anything unless your computer is crap. I'd need to know the specs of your comptuer before judging weather or not what OS you use. I also need to know what you use your computer for!

  3. dant it i still have windows vista, damnn

  4. thanks for the info man, now if only had windows7

  5. cool info, now i feel like a true geek!