Sunday, April 24, 2011


Another great tool for the wannabe geek. Autohotkey is a program that runs scripts and it is quite n00b friendly. Install it NOW.

You may shiver at the sound of something as geeky as "runs scripts", but just to show you how simple it can be, here are the two most basic things you can do with it:

 a) Replacing text; so easy you'll sh*t your pants:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type or copy paste the following:

  ::message::This message will appear whenever you type "message" and hit Space

  3. Save the file anywhere, like on your Desktop, as an .ahk file. To do this, when saving the file, click the "Save as file" dropdown menu and select All Files. Now name the file anything you want and after its name type the extension .ahk, like so: "whateverfile.ahk"
  4. Double click the file (you must have Autohotkey installed and running, of course)
  5. Type "message" anywhere you want, like on Facebook or something, and hit Space
  6. Congratulations

 This works for anything. You can type WHATEVER you want between the "::__::" (double colon, type what you want, double colon). Here's an idea (not mine, but can't find the link now), make a list to autocorrect your typos.

            Example:    ::mistaek::mistake

 With this, "mistaek" is always replaced with "mistake". Also, if you're wondering about that, the language doesn't matter, you dumb f*ck.

 Note that for each expression you want to replace, you have to put it between double colons. If you want your gmail address to replace "gmail" and your hotmail to replace "hotmail", do it like this:

 You can have a file full with these replacements, there are NO limits except for the space on your hard drive, which you couldn't possibly fill with a single .ahk file... so have fun.

 b) Hot keys to run any program; just as easy, so go get those diapers

  1. Same as in a), Open Notepad
  2. Type or copy paste the following

   ^!n::Run Notepad

  3. Same as in a), save the file, name it "whatever.ahk"
  4. Same as in a), double click file
  5. Hit the combo: Ctrl+Alt+N
  6. Congratulations, you've just opened Notepad using a keyboard combo

 ^ stands for Ctrl and ! stands for Alt, so when you type ^!n:: it means Ctrl+Alt+N will run the program specified. This is turning out to be a HUGE post, so for more information on how to make better scripts like these go to their tutorial page and knock yourself out.

That's it for now, hope you make use of this tip, it's really quick and easy. Enjoy

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