Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04

The stable version of the famous distro for human beings is out at last. I immediately installed it on an USB flash drive and at first it doesn't look any different from 10.10. What's new in 11.04? That's what I'm gonna find out next, by installing it alongside Windows 7. Or should I try and run it in Windows Virtual PC? Choices...

I'll be back later to post my 2 cents on this great OS (can't be worse than the previous one, right? I mean, what OS is worse than its previous version herp derp? Answer: Portuguese word for "sight")

EDIT: Hardware ain't good enough for Unity... GOD DAMMIT


  1. ubuntu is great, but i prefer windows

  2. i just installed it yesterday, it appears my wireless network card is not compatible with this OS

  3. Awesome, gonna download it now bro. following :)