Thursday, April 14, 2011

Speech Recognition.

I couldn't use speech recognition to dictate text onto this. So I had to dictate it to Notepad and copy it here, just to show you how cool this is. I also timed how much it took me to successfully get this 3 phrases. Time: 5m40s 

LOL, however (serious face on) I just started, my mother language isn't English, even though I'm quite proud of my fluency, and I am using headphones as microphones. Easy trick, just plug the jack in the mic hole and there you go. If you can use speech recognition, once you go to the Ease of Access in the control panel, you'll be able to configure a microphone. I strongly recommend using a good one, cuz this sucks. I'm going to buy a decent mic and soon I'll make short work of blogging on a regular basis.

Until then, dear followers, please bear with my frequent absense, thank you

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  1. sounds interesting
    hope you will come back soon