Saturday, April 23, 2011

Motherf*cking whiteboard

TODAY I bought a motherf*cking whiteboard. I mean holy sh*t. Yesterday I thought I had been missing out on life because I didn't have Greasemonkey and guess what, it's nothing compared to how much more I could have done and accomplished in my miserable and pathetic life if had bought a M-O-T-H-E-R-F-*-C-K-I-N-G WHITEBOARD when I was pubescent.

You might say "wow, a WHITEboard? that's gay. chalkboards, now that's some manly sh*t". I'd simply reply "enjoy your cancer". Plus, you have to use chalk and that sh*t's a mess. Whiteboards are the way to go and the one I got has f*cking magnets. I bet your gay ass chalkboards don't have magnets.

Want more reasons to buy a whiteboard? Say goodbye to wasting all that paper after getting one, you lowsy f*ck. This is as green as writing gets, BITCH. So go ahead, do yourself a favor and get a whiteboard. Mine is 60x90 cm,  it's the perfect size. In case you don't use metric (which is a decimal system, not a stupid as f*ck duodecimal system like imperial units) that's 23.6x35.4 inches.

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  1. Haha, cool cool, I've been considering a white board myself to place on the wall infront of my desk, but IDK if it'd be efficient, especially since I plan on getting a touchpad of some sort.

  2. hahaha my chalkboard has magnets. hell my magnets have magnets. im rolling in the magnets

  3. now that you are saying it...
    i could really use a whiteboard...

  4. whiteboards are great, I had three in my old room. It was good for putting ANYTHING down. I tend to be forgetful.

  5. eu tenho um uaiteborde ha anos tojo. e so o uso para marcar as datas dos exames lol. olha lá, onde é q arranjaste esta gente para comentar no teu blog? pagas-lhes? sai te do bolso ou do rabo? bjokas